Labor and Employment

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Employment and Workplace Needs

Our lawyers’ diverse experience runs the gamut of what is needed to assist companies large and small with their employment and workplace needs. We routinely provide advice and counsel to employers on staying compliant and up to date when recruiting, interviewing, offering, hiring, on-boarding, and working with its workforce. Drafting policies, procedures, contracts and protocols for inclusion in Employee Handbooks, Training Manuals, OSHA Mandated Materials, Illness & Injury Prevention Programs and developing and providing training on a wide range of subjects is only a part of what we offer to clients.


Extensive Experience

We work with employers to resolve conflict promptly and organically. No grievance procedure, confidential hotline or other reporting method can be effective in solving and avoiding conflict without understanding the client, its industry and its culture. We care, and our clients know they do not have to wait until disaster strikes to get help, because we are pragmatic and listen to offer solutions.

If current or former employees raise concerns that require a formal response, we are ready. We have defended workplace complaints and concerns of every type and kind that are presented in the industries and jurisdictions where our clients are located. We can oversee or conduct investigations, advise on compliance and offer remedial approaches if changes are needed to avoid further harm.

  • Litigation and Administrative Charges
  • Executive compensation
  • OSHA Counseling and Defense
  • Class Action Defense
  • Outside General Counsel
  • Prop 65
  • Whistleblowing and Retaliation
  • Advice and Counseling
  • Employee Mobility and Trade Secrets
  • Executive Employment Agreements and Severance Negotiations
  • Investigations
  • Data Protection, Privacy, Cybersecurity and CCPA
  • Traditional Labor


Our attorneys have investigated complaints of harassment, discrimination, whistleblowing, retaliation, health and safety misconduct or impropriety as well as financial misconduct. If a response is needed to a state or federal fair employment and housing agency, OSHA, HUD or similar government or quasi-governmental authority, we can walk our clients through the maze of what is needed to defend without penalty, fine, sanction or other adverse consequence.


Real Assessments

The CAF team has appeared in court, before state and federal agencies, in administrative hearings, and in scores of trials before juries making decisions that could have a serious impact on an employer’s reputation and bottom line. We provide real assessments and do not buckle when a matter needs to be taken all the way, whatever that entails.